Whether it's with the help of a dolly, crane, or helicopter, film comes alive through the movement of the camera. Having the ability to quickly adjust and move the camera makes all the difference. With ever-tightening budgets and compressed time schedules, having the freedom to find and capture that magic moment can sometimes be elusive. Enter the original Slider camera-movement system.

In 1998, the Slider Co. rolled out its first models, and our name quickly became part of common film-making terminology. These new tools soon changed shooting strategies for television, film and feature camera blocking the world over.


The biggest difference between our conventional Sliders (with 12-inch wide channels) and the 5-Foot and 6-Foot Mini Sliders (with 8-inch wide channels) is the footprint. The conventional wide-channel Slider is heavier, and is therefore particularly suited for camera car work and second dolly or multiple camera applications. Both wide and narrow channels in 5-foot, 6-foot, or 8-foot lengths offer sliding Mitchell and junior mounting points along the channel for rigging convenience. Because the Mini Sliders are narrower, they are considerably lighter in weight and require less space.

The 30-Inch Mini Slider is small enough to carry in a backpack

The 30-Inch Mini Slider is small enough to carry in a backpack.

Our Mini Slider™ / Mini Video Slider™ camera-movement systems are sexy, strong and easy to use. The 30-Inch Mini Slider can be a life saver in the fast-paced world of television. It's the smallest and lightest model we make. And the shooting applications are endless. The Mini Slider is a must-have tool for keeping "over the shoulder" compositions and salvaging those difficult close quarter camera positions we find ourselves in all the time. It can easily nest into small areas like a closet or vehicle. Multi-camera shows use them to quickly and easily capture the proper eye lines which is crucial to the storytelling. It can make the difference between a print and a take two. The Mini Slider and Mini Video Sliders are also available in 5-foot and 6-foot models.

The Slider can make pushing out over the edge of a building easier and safer

The standard-width Slider camera-movement systems are wider versions of the Mini Slider. Having a 12-inch wide footprint offers a sound footing that generally helps support and make rigging easier. The ability for a camera to free stand provides balance and security. It seems you can never get the camera low enough to the ground, but with all our Slider models, the Mitchell camera plate is only 2 1/2 inches off the ground.

The structural design of all Slider models prevents them from bending or twisting. Our competition can't say that. Designed and built by professional grips and cameramen, they offer safe and easy rigging to protect the camera and -- more importantly -- the talent and crew.

6-Foot Mini Slider Camera-Movement System rigged vertically

The 6-Foot Mini Slider was rigged vertically to capture all the action in the latest Transformers movie.

Our Repeatable Motion Sliders offer repeatable computer moves with speeds ranging from fast to extremely slow, saving you the drama and expense of a full motion-control team. Because the set-up and operation are so simple, the 6-Channel Repeatable Motion Slider requires a single Slider tech to help program the unit. He works hand in hand with your key grip to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

Many filmmakers rely on the original Slider camera-movement system as a must-have tool. Creative directors and cameramen design shots and, indeed, their whole shooting strategy around the Slider's versatile capabilities. All of our Slider models can be inverted for those awkward underslung camera angles. And all can easily mount to any vehicle or moving camera platform. Check out our photo gallery to view some of the creative applications that are possible with the Slider. WIth the original Slider camera-movement system, the possibilities are endless.

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