Our 30-Inch Mini Slider™ / Mini Video Slider™ camera-movement system is sexy, strong and easy to use. It’s the smallest and lightest model we make. And the shooting applications are endless.

The Mini Slider can be a life saver in the fast-paced world of television. To quickly and effortlessly salvage an over-the-shoulder shot is invaluable, sliding just a few inches to get that perfect composition. It can make the difference between a print and a Take Two.

The 30-Inch Mini Slider is small enough to carry in a backpack
The 30-Inch Mini Slider is small enough to carry in a backpack.

In shooting cars, the Mini Slider can be used for mount work. Or it can simply nest in the center console or back seat. It gives you the ability to level, position and move the camera, while always maintaining control. And whether you rig it under-slung or in the normal mode, there’s no sacrifice in strength or stability. So don’t be afraid to have fun with it. The Slider’s mission is to add to the creative process.

The Mini Slider is also ideal for documentary filmmakers who need a simple yet creative way to get more bang for their buck. Just toss it in a backpack and into the jungle you go. We've re-designed this Mini Slider with our super-silent bearings and matched rails, making it ride smooth as ice.

The low profile of the  Mini Slider The Mini Slider carriage can easily separate from the rotating index to lay flat on the deck. The Mini Slider is extremely low profile. From camera plate to ground is just two inches. Because you can never get the camera low enough to the ground.

The Mini Slider now features handles that can be used both for camera transfer and for rigging.
The Mini Slider now features handles that can be used both for camera transfer and for rigging. These handles, like those on our larger models, can be used as a pick point for bracing.

The bottom of the Mini Slider is tapped with 3/8-inch holes to utilize baby pins
The handles and the bottom side of the Mini Slider are tapped with 3/8-inch holes to utilize baby pins, speedrail starters and countless other rigging options.

Our Mini Slider can also break free from the center position to quickly and safely extend the camera to an off-set position (application pictured to the right). Or you can just as easily bring the rig back towards the operator to fit or spoon the Mini Slider to the most user-friendly position.

Our Mini Slider can safely handle large format cameras. The chassis has been widened to further improve rigging stability. Its 31-inch length  provides a total camera movement of 23 inches.

The Mini Slider's index system offers infinite 360-degree positive locking positions. The red control knobs are easy to find, making it quicker to access brake and index changes. This Mini Slider is  user friendly for operator and grips alike.

The design of the Mini Slider anticipates what you’ll need to make your next project creative, dynamic and budget friendly. Once you get your hands on it, you’ll see that we didn’t cut corners on parts or quality. The Mini Slider's compact size makes it perfect for shooting car interiors (see photo below).

The Mini Slider Camera-Movement system mounted inside a car


Mini Video Slider with ball adaptersMounting options for the Mini Video Slider include the 75-mm, 100-mm or the 150-mm ball adapters, top and bottom (size specified at the time of the reservation). So you can drop the Mini Slider onto any video ball socket tripod. No tools are necessary. The Mini Slider offers the right mount for your next video project.

Mounting the Mini Video Slider is easy. Mounting a ball socket fluid head to the mini-video Slider is no problem.

The Mini Video Slider is perfect for smaller format cameras.

Mini Slider profile

The 30-Inch Mini Slider in its Mitchell-mount configuration

Mini Video Slider profile

The 30-Inch Mini Video Slider shown with its 100 mm ball and tool-free tie down


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