3-Foot Slider Camera Movement System being used to capture a shot by the edge of a lake

The 3-Foot Slider Camera-Movement System is a must-have tool. It’s small enough to get into tight spots, yet big enough to get the job done. Its compact size gives you freedom to design fluid shots in planes, trains, boats and other cramped locations. Underslung or overslung, the Slider gives you peace of mind.

The 3-Foot Slider not only gives you movement, it also adds stability in otherwise difficult lock-off situations. Sometimes just getting the camera to a position and keeping it there can be a task. For example, when you’re shooting out on a building ledge or you’re shooting through a ring light for a beauty shot. It also gives you peace of mind to know that the camera is mounted securely in situations where you’re shooting above talent.

3-Foot Slider camera-movement system mounted on a set of sticks

It’s easy to rig the 3-Foot Slider with Speedrail or baby pins for support. Or you can simply screw it to the floor. At 36 inches, this Slider is not much wider than most camera dollies. And it can work with the dolly to navigate through tight sets and practical locations.

3-Foot Slider Camera Movement System

With the 3-Foot and 4-Foot Slider, you have the option of being able to move the mounting from the standard center position to an offset position that extends the Slider’s reach. This feature comes in handy when shooting car interiors or tabletop, as it allows the camera to reach deeper into the car or farther across the table.

Engraved index marks make it easy to find and repeat camera positions. And it helps the camera assistant maintain critical focus, so everyone looks good. The operator can also pre-set the adjustable stops to control the camera’s range of motion.4-Foot Slider

To reserve a Slider™ camera-movement system for your next shoot, call Teri at our business office, (805) 496‑5289. Then email both your certificate of insurance and your purchase order to Teri@TheSlider.com or fax them to (805) 496–4802.


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