Mark Parsons showing off the 5-Foot Mini Slider at CineGear
Key Grip Mark Parsons proudly introduces the 5-Foot Mini Slider at Cinegear

The 5-Foot Mini Slider is a great addition to the Slider family. It came about because of the grips, operators and cinematographers who had been using the 30-Inch Mini for years. They told us they needed the same quick and easy camera movement but with longer travel. We listened and we answered with the 5-Foot Mini Slider. The 5-Footer offers more length for dynamic camera moves yet its slim profile gives the user more freedom in placement.

Although its design is identical to our popular 30-Inch Mini Slider, its reach extends to 52 inches of useable slide. It uses the same smaller bearing as the Mini Slider and easily handles all formats both large and small.

The low profile of the  Mini Slider

With a footprint only 8 inches wide and standing just 2 inches from the ground to camera plate, transporting the 5-Foot Mini Slider to difficult locations is easy, even for the smallest crew.

Adding the 5-Foot Mini Slider to your tool arsenal opens doors to new shots and stimulates the imagination. Quite often, directors and cinematographers use this tool to design shots that were previously either too time consuming or impractical to be added to the shot list.

Like all our models, the 5-Foot Mini Slider can be inverted for those down angles. And because of its small size and light weight, it is very handy for either interior or exterior car work.

The 5-Foot Mini Slider uses the same bearings and rails that provide that effortless ice-on-ice camera slide that our customers expect for seamless starts and stops. From large studio film cameras to small format, the Mini Slider handles each shot with ease.

When you need a bit more slide on your project, ask for the 5-Foot Mini Slider.


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