The 6-Foot Slider offers long, dynamic movement. It’s perfect for car mounts or interior car work. With three Mitchell mounting options, the 6-Foot Slider locks down into any position you need. You can drop it onto two hi-hats, two sets of sticks, or an insert car. Or lay the 6-Foot Slider flat on the floor, keeping the camera plate just 2.5 inches off the deck.

Slider mounted on carYou can also mount the 6-Foot Slider on the hood of a car or the front bumper to give you the ability to slide from one talent to the other. This can add energy to any shot. Or just lie static, using the Slider as a camera- positioning tool.

The 6-Foot Slider can serve as a second dolly. It comes with two junior pins to connect with junior rolling lamp stands (pictured below). This rig provides dynamic camera movement. And it can be quickly rolled around the set to get some very interesting shots.

6-Foot SliderThe 6-Foot model can be used with a second plate, which gives you the ability to spoon two cameras together to capture the action with two different focal lengths. On a music video, you could use the 6-Foot Slider to get full frontal close-ups of the talent then slide the camera to a profile having the background shift behind the talent. In this set up, the 6-Foot Slider can provide an added moving shot to replace what would be a static B-camera close-up. When it’s time to reload, simply slide the two cameras apart. (The second plate is available for an additional rental fee.)

Slider mounted above carThe 6-Foot Slider is a fantastic tool whether you’re working on a big-budget feature or the smallest music video.

6-Foot Slider inverted overhead The 6-Foot Slider is being used to safely capture a shot at the top of a mountain


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