The 8-Foot Slider Camera-Movement System at Staples Center

Because it has the longest reach, the 8-Foot Slider offers options other models can’t.

The 8-Foot Slider is perfect for car shoots. Previously difficult shots are now a piece of cake. And hard-to-get camera angles are suddenly easy. With a locked-off camera mount, you sometimes find yourself trapped. But with the Slider, you can adjust camera positions on the fly.

Perhaps you need to be just a few inches tighter to really sell the shot. Or a couple feet wider for a quick variation. All this fine tuning can be painfully time consuming. And that doesn’t make anyone happy. However, with the Slider, these adjustments are easy.

8-Foot Slider Camera-Movement System

You might not think that the 8-Foot Slider would be the right size for an interior car shot, but it works great. It allows you to start outside the driver door, slide across the steering wheel, continue massaging the console, then the glove box then continue right out the passenger door. Rigging the 8-Foot Slider for this application is a snap.

The Slider camera-movement system mounted on edge with a revolution lens

The Slider mounted on edge under a car with a Revolution lens

Another option is to rig the 8-Foot Slider up high. You can suspend it by way of junior mounting pins then under-sling the camera. This allows the camera to slide across the hood or windshield.

Or you can rig it low. Mount the Slider underneath a car chassis to get dramatic angles that would otherwise be impossible.

The easy rigging options make this on-edge car mount simple

The easy rigging options make this under-car mount simple

We also have available a motorized unit controlled by a hardwire Preston Micro Force. This rig lets you reposition the camera on the fly for hands-free movement. This is particularly helpful when you need to distance the crew from a potentially dangerous or awkward scene.

8--Foot Slider

As with the 6-foot model, the 8-Foot Slider can serve as a second camera dolly. Setting it up on apple boxes, junior pins, Mitchell mounts or even flat on the deck, it creates an instant dolly to capture talent and add dynamic movement.

The 8-Foot Slider Slider Camera-Movement System is easily carried to a location on the beach 8-Foot Slider Slider Camera-Movement System being used on the beach 8-Foot Slider Slider Camera-Movement System set up on sand


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