second camera plate example of setup using a second camera plate

Additional Camera Plate

If you wish to mount two or more cameras at the same time, you will want to add additional camera plates to your order.

Ronford Baker plate example of setup using Ronford Baker plate

Ronford-Baker Quick Release Plate

When the camera will be moving on a diagonal axis, such as a shot of a child's hand sliding down a handrail, the Ronford-Baker plate makes capturing the diagonal movement a snap.

vertical brackets example of setup using vertical brackets

Truss Brackets:
12-inch & 20-inch widths

Truss brackets allow a Mini Slider camera-movement system to operate in virtually any direction: underslung, sideways, vertical or horizontal. They securely interlink our Slider channel to a standard 2-inch truss pipe to make a safe and solid connection. Please specify the width you need at the time of reservation. There is no extra charge for truss brackets when they are rented with a Mini Slider or Motion Control Slider.

75mm and 100mm cups Mini Video Slider Camera-Movement System with ball mount

150mm cup Video Ball Adapters: 75mm, 100mm & 150mm

If you need to reserve a video ball adapter (also known as a bowl or cup) for mounting the camera to the top plate on the Slider camera-movement system, please make sure to specify the size you need.

ball socket adapter ball socket adapter

ball socket adapterBall Adapter Male Sockets: 75mm, 100mm & 150mm

Ball Adapter Male Sockets attach to the bottom of the 30-inch Video Slider camera-movement system, so you can quickly and easily mount it on a video ball tripod. Please make sure to specify the size you need when you make your reservation.

tiedowns Close-Up of a Mini Slider with Tie Down Handle

Tie Down Handles:
75mm, 100mm & 150mm

If you need to reserve a Tie Down Handle for use with a Ball Adapter Male Socket and a 30-inch Video Slider, please make sure to specify the size of the Ball Adapter Male Socket you will be using.

4-Foot Slider


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