The Slider™ Camera-Movement System In The News

ICG Magazine Cover November 2007

MAGAZINE: International Cinematographers Guild Magazine
ISSUE: November 2007
ARTICLE: “Tips and Tools” by Pauline Rogers

Excerpt from the article:

Developed by key grip turned Steadicam operator Ron Veto and key grip Jerry Giacalone, The Slider Camera-Movement Systems are designed not to hamstring or handicap the cameraperson or grip. "It's made for rigging," explains Veto. "None of the 'sliders' out there at present are riggable. If you can't get it safely out on a ledge then what good is it?"

The Slider Camera-Movement System

Sliders range from The Mini (24 inches of travel and suitable for episodic television) to the eight-footer (84 inches of travel), which is great for car shoots and hard to get camera angles. In between, are the three, four, and six footers-from tight spots, on car mounts and even interior car shots. "You can shoot close-ups of toys, then strap on a crane arm and do full on arm swings of an insert car at full chase mode," says Veto. "We have two Sliders on The Sarah Silverman Show and couldn't operate without them. Making small corrections on the fly or pushing in to an extreme close-up is simple and quiet as well. To design shots like rigging to Condors or using as a quickly moveable car mount or just laying flat on a table to create dynamic movement that before was considered a big deal.

"It is also quiet, which makes the sound man happy.

"When we took it to the set of 24, it was like showing a newborn baby for the first time!"

Veto just returned from a Steadicam job on a commercial shoot in Denver and saw a Slider on the truck. "They are getting around," he says. "As a camera operator, we have the pressure to get the shot. Our reputations depend on a smooth shot. Sometimes there is no take two. We are only as good as our last shot. The Sliders make that easier, but sometimes more of a challenge. With the Slider, you don't have to rely on the dolly grip to fix or adjust, you decide when to move and to physically do it yourself."

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