Our Slider camera-movement systems are more expensive than those of our competition. We aren’t apologizing. They are worth it. The machine work to prep and create a truly straight and flat channel costs a bit more. Top-of-the-line precision matched rails and silent bearings are also expensive. We don’t cut corners because we are not willing to produce an inferior product.

The saying goes, “We’re only as good as our last shot.” Jerry and I are acutely aware each shot is important for your reputation—and ours. Our Slider was designed and built to increase your success.

My entire career has been about rigging and camera movement. From our years of on-set experience, both Jerry and I have gathered knowlege about what cameramen, operators and grips need to get the shot easily and we've incorporated it into the design of our Sliders. So the shots look good. And you look good. That’s what its all about.

There are other camera-movement systems out there. Sometimes they're referred to as camera sliders. You should give them a try before you make a purchase. Then will you see that you truly get what you pay for. Do you want hamburger or steak? If you want steak, then the Slider camera-movement system is the one for you.

Ron Veto at the Cinegear ShowGreat Shoots,
Ron Veto, SOC
co-owner, The Slider

For pricing and more information on purchasing, please email Ron Veto, or call him at (818) 344–5284.

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